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A Texas-Sized Precision Machine Shop with Industrial Robotics

Machine learning is accelerating industry faster than ever. Can your business compete?

Hunt and Hunt uses industrial robotics to manufacture many thousands of parts every month across diverse industry sectors. Our 20 robotic cells work 24 hours a day, ensuring incredible precision, tight part variances, and unparalleled volume. From automotive to aerospace, we offer high-volume automated manufacturing to keep your supply chains running ahead of the curve.


Automated precision manufacturing

Our 104,000-square-foot warehouse contains more than 50 different CNC, laser, and multitasking machines to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and flexibility in machine manufacturing. As an early adopter of industrial robotics, Hunt and Hunt ensures consistent quality across tens of thousands of parts, including rigorous, round-the-clock process controls to ensure every part meets your unique specifications.

Our state-of-the-art precision manufacturing meets accelerating industrial technology needs today, mitigating risk and ensuring:

  • Consistent quality across thousands of parts
  • Low rejection rates and tight variances
  • Real-time quality control
  • High efficiency and superior precision
  • Less disruption from human error
  • High-volume capability at accelerated rates

CNC Machine Shop in Houston

A one-stop machine shop

Hunt and Hunt provides a turnkey experience so customers from any industry can enjoy the same efficiencies and high-volume production as our oil and gas partners have for more than 65 years. As global markets demand greater supply chain precision and faster delivery, having a single source for manufacturing needs is business-critical. Together, our fleet of industrial robotic cells, large warehouse capacity, and experienced team members offer:

  • Sourcing and purchasing of raw materials
  • Manufactiring
  • Warehousing
  • Worldwide distribution


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Explore Hunt & Hunt’s Facilities

Hunt & Hunt’s manufacturing facilities are located in Houston, Texas, the heart of the oil and gas industry. This allows us to achieve the highest levels of efficiency in effective in machine manufacturing. Our facilities arecomprised of over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Hunt & Hunt's Facility Yard

Material Yard

Hunt & Hunt's multi-task manufacturing machine shop

Mill/Turn Machine Shop

Man working on a perforating gun at Hunt & Hunt's facility


Hunt & Hunt's Perforating Gun Manufacturing Shop

Perforating Gun Shop

Our team has custom designed and built seven rotary laser machining centers that are built to rapidly cut intricate profiles within both tubular and flat stock. The advantages of laser machining are quite prevalent, including:

  • Minimize the need for secondary processes (i.e. deburring)
  • Faster cutting
  • Effective working with thin-walled stock
  • Close tolerances
  • And more

Our multifunction mill-turn centers have kept us on the cutting edge of extreme machining. This multi-axis equipment allows us to machine even complex parts all in one process. It streamlines the process, making it quicker and requiring less manpower. It is one of the reasons Hunt & Hunt is able to produce perforating gun parts at such a high output.

Covering all needs of your production process

While Hunt & Hunt might specialize in manufacturing perforating guns for fracking and many other parts and components, we also provide clients service in the other phases of production, including:

  • Sourcing and purchasing raw materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Worldwide distribution

Our turnkey manufacturing services have been an incredible asset for so many different companies.


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