Hunt & Hunt

Who we are?

Based in Houston, Texas, Hunt and Hunt Ltd. is a precision machine shop and high-volume manufacturer situated at the heart of the energy and aerospace industries, as well as the nation’s largest port. We use the advanced technology of industrial robotic cells to produce many thousands of parts per month with fewer variances and consistently high quality.

In more than 67 years of service, we continue to meet and exceed our customers’ contractual and quality requirements. Our proactive approach to process and quality excellence comes from our proactive internal research and development program, and our turnkey services mean our customers can rely on us as a “Done In One” precision manufacturing company.

Hunt and Hunt offers everything you need to keep your supply chain running efficiently, including:

  • Materials purchasing
  • Precision machining
  • Laser machining
  • Finishing processes
  • Warehousing
  • Worldwide shipping

Our history serving the oil and gas industry has allowed us to grow our capabilities throughout the entire energy value chain and beyond, from automotive and aerospace to marine and large-part services. We offer 104,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space equipped with robotic, CNC, and laser machining for producing one-of-a-kind parts at significant volumes. Our staff can order your raw materials, manufacture, assemble, warehouse your finished product, and ship anywhere in the world.

At Hunt and Hunt, we’re “cutting into the future.” When you contact us, you’ll find we’re much more than a conventional machine shop.