Temporary Warehousing Services

Temporary warehousing is commonplace in manufacturing


Temporary warehousing refers to the short-term storing of materials, parts, components, and finished products. Temporary warehousing services is the ability to store these goods at volume for clients and manufacturers before shipment.

We help clients source and purchase materials and then fabricate those materials in our machine shop here in Houston, Texas. Warehousing and manufacturing happen under one roof. In addition, we provide warehousing services for manufacturers.

What sets your temporary warehousE services apart?

  • Location: Our location near the Port of Houston and within one of the nation’s biggest hubs for oil and gas makes us an ideal partner for the energy sector. This is also why we work with so many oil and gas leaders.
  • Expertise: Not only are we experienced and knowledgeable in the machining business, our temporary warehousing services for manufacturers are administered by top-of-the-line management solutions and experienced staff members.
  • Versatile: We work with clients to manage every aspect of their process — from finding the raw products and fabricating them to offering temporary warehousing for manufacturers.

Mike Bowman President

“We’re the one-stop, precision machine shop for your manufacturing needs. If you can design it, we can produce it using one of our ‘Done in One’ multitask turn machines.”


Temporary Warehousing and Shipping in Houston, Texas

Warehouse and ship products all over the world for our customers. As leaders in multi-task manufacturing specializing in perforating gun manufacturing, our customers get the benefit of having their products stored and shipped straight from one location, our 100,000+ square foot facility in Houston, Texas.

Cutting out the middleman with in-house warehousing services allows us to maintain the quality of manufacturing products and tools after they are manufactured.

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