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Custom-machined, perforated guns size and shape varies depending on the oil and gas well size and geometry. Perforating gun systems manufacturer engineer to the needs of oil and gas clients. We produce every gun size available from 1.56″ up to 7″ in dimeter, which includes 25 different gun diameters, up to 30ft long for oil and gas.

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“We’re the one-stop, precision machine shop for your manufacturing needs. If you can design it, we can produce it using one of our ‘Done in One’ multitask turn machines.”


Why order your perforated guns from Hunt & Hunt?

For the past 40 years, we have specialized in perforating guns. We leverage high-speed robotic CNC cells for high-quality perforating gun systems and components. Only in high-volume machine shops like ours can you find perforating guns capable of maximizing your production in a safe and efficient way.

Hunt & Hunt’s Perforated Gun Systems

We manufacture premium-grade perforating guns to your specifications. Each perforating gun is made in our 100,000+ square feet of manufacturing space in Houston, TX. By manufacturing all perforating guns under one roof, we maintain unrivaled quality assurance.

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When it comes to high volume contract manufacturing, there is no substitute for reputation. Machine shops that fail to evolve and stay on the cutting edge of the industry don’t stick around. Hunt and Hunt has been open for business since 1954 offering precision service with a high volume machining system. Our motto is “cutting into the future,” because we are constantly in pursuit of enhancing our extreme machining capabilities.

We have invested in a robust infrastructure that includes both equipment and staff, which benefits the many clients that we work with.

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Put our high-volume production system to work for you. Hunt and Hunt are equipped to not only fabricate parts but we also offer material purchasing, warehousing, and distribution throughout the world.

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