CNC Machining

Hunt and Hunt is one of the most trusted names for contract CNC manufacturing.

Established in 1954 and with a reputation of excellence for serving clients within the oil and gas industry, we invite you to consult with our engineering staff to learn how we can improve your processes dramatically.

Superior Machining

25 of our most efficient workers never leave the machine shop. These heavy-lifting robotic cells work round the clock, allowing us to accommodate many thousand parts per month, all customized to your quality requirements.

In addition to our impressive fleet of robotic cells, we have 30 other CNC, laser, and multitask machines, working together to deliver turnkey manufacturing worldwide.

Mike Bowman President

“We’re the one-stop, precision machine shop for your manufacturing needs. If you can design it, we can produce it using one of our ‘Done in One’ multitask turn machines.”


What does “contract CNC machining” look like at your machine shop?

  • 25 robotic cells for volume machining
  • 104,000 sq. ft. machine shop floor space
  • 30 different CNC, laser, and multitask machines
  • Full welding department
  • Full quality department

How does contract CNC machining help my team?

Our machine work will impress your product team’s most skeptical engineers as we can produce complicated custom designs at scale. All while maintaining the quality standards you set.

Our Facilities

Material Yard

Mill/Turn Machine Shop


Perforating Gun Shop

Hunt and Hunt — A tradition of excellence

When it comes to high-volume contract manufacturing, there is no substitute for reputation. Machine shops that fail to evolve and stay on the cutting edge of the industry don’t stick around. Hunt and Hunt have been open for business since 1954 offering precision service with a high-volume machining system. Our motto is “cutting into the future,” because we are constantly in pursuit of enhancing our extreme machining capabilities.

We have invested in a robust infrastructure that includes both equipment and staff, which benefits the many clients that we work with.

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Put our high-volume production system to work for you. Hunt and Hunt are equipped to not only fabricate parts but also offer material purchasing, warehousing, and distribution throughout the world.

See for yourself why we are the leader in high-volume contract manufacturing. Contact Hunt and Hunt and speak with our team. Contact us today.