9-Axis Automated Laser Cutting Machine

9-Axis Automated Laser Cutting Machine

At Hunt and Hunt, our automated machining centers is a great example of how we hold true to our motto: “Cutting into the future.” Our team is constantly in search of ways to enhance our extreme machining capabilities.

Our automated machining centers allow us to machine complex parts and components within the same system. These machines promote increased productivity in the fact that it cuts down on the number of machining operations.

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High-speed, high-precision machining is nonstop with these automated laser cutting machining centers. While Hunt and Hunt is often known for its work with the oil and gas industry — serving as the worldwide leader in manufacturing perforating guns — these automated machining centers have allowed us to expand to other industries, adding capacities for such products as:

  • Valves
  • Gears
  • Crankshafts
  • Impellers
  • And more

Hunt and Hunt made investments in these state-of-the-art automated machining centers in order to provide our clients a whole new level of efficiency when it comes to manufacturing their products. With resources like these, we are able to address the challenges of their production process and help them bring products to market quicker.

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Hunt and Hunt is devoted to the success of our clients. Our engineering team is comprised of problem solvers, who are savvy at spotting inefficiencies in manufacturing processes and designing new processes to make them better.

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