Laser-Cutting Machines

Laser-cutting machines offer unlimited engineering creativity by allowing us to cut 3D parts. Depending on your part’s geometry, a flat laser may not cut it. That  is where custom lasers cutting machines make sense. Our multi-axis CNC laser-cutters adapt to any geometry and meet the close tolerances your design requires. This is the advantage of laser-cutting machines

Advantages of our multi-axis laser-cutting machines and services

  • 7 custom tube laser-cutting machines
  • Capable of laser cutting up to 6 inches in diameter by 32 feet long
  • Potential cost reduction compared to conventional manufacturing
  • Hold close tolerances
  • Supreme cutting speeds
  • Consistent quality between laser cuts
  • Unmatched accuracy and repeatability
  • Non-contact process minimizes heat exposure to surrounding area
  • Cut complicated shapes
  • World leaders in perforating gun manufacturing

Automated Multi-Axis Laser-Cutting Machines Service for the Oil & Gas Industry

Big players in the oil and gas industry use the unmatched service provided by our our laser-cutting machines which work on multiple-axis,  to cut perforating guns. Since 1954, our perforating gun components have become a specialty. We ship hundreds of thousands of perforating guns every year.

Along with perforating guns, we offer custom multi-axis laser-cutting services to construction, medical, manufacturing and more. If you can design it, we can cut it using one of our seven multi-axis laser-cutting machines or two flat sheet laser machines.

Cut into the Future with our Automated Laser-Cutting Machine Services

We innovate and add new CNC machines to ensure our automated multi-axis laser cutting services remain “cutting edge.” That means unmatched quality and accuracy on 3D parts at impressive tolerances.


Who needs multi-axis laser-cutting services?

Energy, automotive, aerospace, healthcare, fitness, construction, retail, and food processing industries all call for multi-axis laser-cutting to cut 3D parts. Applications include cutting pipes and tubes for tables, carts, bed frames, stands, shelves, and construction and drilling equipment.

What materials can your multi-axis lasers cut?

While multi-axis laser cutting often involves metals (steel, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium, and more), automated multi-axis laser-cutting machines also cut through silicon, glass, ceramics, plastics, even diamonds.

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