Contractual Volume Manufacturing System

If you are looking for a manufacturer that makes your life easier through contract manufacturing schedule, then consider the experienced team at Hunt and Hunt.

We opened the doors to our small, precision machine shop back in 1954 and have been providing high-quality, effective machining capabilities for a wide range of clients ever since, specializing in work with the oil and gas industry.

Predictable lead times with our contractual volume manufacturing system

Hunt and Hunt implements a volume manufacturer scheduling system that masterfully streamlines our workflow so that our clients are not left wondering if we are able to stay true to our lead times.

Scheduling issues are one of the biggest barriers that stand between clients and their manufacturers. Manufacturers that don’t implement an effective manufacturing scheduling system often see their lead times change on multiple occasions. Some product runs are finished early while others are woefully late. Neither scenario is beneficial to you, the client.

That’s why Hunt and Hunt practices contract manufacturing scheduling that ensures predictability, leaving you with fewer, if any, emergency scenarios.

Our Facilities

Material Yard

Mill/Turn Machine Shop


Perforating Gun Shop

Contract CNC Machining

Laser Machining

Perforating Guns and Tools

Bring your product to
market more efficiently

Hunt and Hunt’s contractual volume manufacturing system is one of the key elements that allow us to effectively serve our clients. With robust machining and welding capacities and capabilities, along with purchasing, warehousing and distribution solutions, Hunt and Hunt allows clients to develop and produce products and bring them to market quickly and efficiently.

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