Cost Effective Lean Volume Manufacturing

Are you looking for a cost-effective manufacturing system that will produce quality and accuracy within your parts? Hunt and Hunt have been providing a lean manufacturing system for clients since we opened for business in 1954.

Regardless of what industry you belong to, cost savings is always the goal. The difficult part is walking that tight rope between affordability and quality. Hunt and Hunt don’t make you decide between one or the other with our lean volume manufacturing.

We feature a robust infrastructure that clients can utilize to handle every aspect of their process — from sourcing and purchasing raw materials, to warehousing and distributing the fabricated parts.

Cost effective volume machining by Hunt and Hunt

Our multi axis machining centers (up to 9 axis) allow our team to streamline the fabrication of your parts. With these advanced and intuitive machining centers, you can achieve:

  • Faster cutting speeds
  • Ability to cut intricate shapes in tubular and flat stock
  • Maintain close tolerances
  • Eliminate or minimize the need for secondary processes
  • Reduce the need for manual work within the process
  • Strong repeatability and superior accuracy

With our cost effective manufacturing system and automated approach to the process, we unlock a lean avenue for manufacturing.

Our Facilities

Material Yard

Mill/Turn Machine Shop


Perforating Gun Shop

Contract CNC Machining

Laser Machining

Perforating Guns and Tools

Consult with the Engineering
Team at Hunt and Hunt

Our highly skilled engineering team loves the challenge of scrutinizing your process and application and finding ways to improve it. Our team is fully invested in helping you dig up ways to bring efficiency and cost savings to your process via our lean manufacturing system.

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In business since 1954, Hunt and Hunt has emerged as an industry leader and is constantly striving to be “cutting into the future.” Put this cost effective manufacturing system to use for the betterment of your application. Contact us today.