Custom Designed Rotary Laser Machining

Welcome to Hunt and Hunt, a leading provider of rotary laser metal cutting service, where we specialize in working with clients belonging to the oil and gas industry.

Within our manufacturing facility — which boasts around 110,00 square feet of manufacturing floor space — our team implements two flatsheet laser machines, and seven custom tubular machines capable of laser cutting up to six inches in diameter by 30 feet long. Our custom tubulars are designed for:

  • Precision
  • High performance cutting holding close tolerances
  • Excellent repeatability

Our custom laser machining services are utilized by a long list of clients who have come to both recognize and appreciate our dedication to precision and quality.

Trusted Rotary Laser Machining

The benefits of our custom design laser machining are numerous. When you contract Hunt and Hunt for your rotary laser metal cutting service needs, you get:

  • Faster cutting speeds
  • Reduce tooling and fixture requirements
  • No tool contact
  • Close tolerances
  • Good material versatility
  • And more

Aside from the equipment, we have in our production facility, the other piece to providing truly effective custom laser machining service are the men and women in our workforce.

Our Facilities

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A Leader in Custom
Design Laser Machining

Hunt and Hunt have been in business since 1954 when we started as a small precision machine shop. Our expertise and resources have only grown from there. We have risen to become one of the leaders in our industry and we are constantly in pursuit to find ways to serve our clients more effectively.

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Our team flexes a vast collective technical knowledge. This technical staff is always available to talk with you about your application in an effort to most effectively fulfill your needs.

Contact Hunt & Hunt today to learn about the many benefits of contracting Hunt and Hunt for your rotary laser metal cutting service needs. Contact us today.