High Volume Industrial Automated Manufacturing

As a leader in high volume robotic manufacturing, the team at Hunt and Hunt invites you to explore our capabilities and why “Cutting into the future,” is one of our mottos.

What started out as a small precision machine shop back in 1954, Hunt and Hunt has grown to become a force within the high volume industrial manufacturing industry. Hunt and Hunt has both designed and built seven custom rotary laser machining centers that has allowed us to become one of the leading manufacturers of perforating gun charge carriers and housings for the oil and gas industry.

We have also invested our time and resources into becoming a leader in multi-axis, multifunction machining. We invite you to explore our many different CNC machines to learn our capabilities.

A Leading Automated Robotics Manufacturer

The benefits of automated robotic manufacturing range, including:

  • Accuracy: Of course, accuracy is one of the primary goals in high volume robotic manufacturing. We are able to deliver ultimate precision and accuracy up to a miniscule 0.1mm.
  • Safe: Not only does the accuracy and precision improve with high volume industrial manufacturing, but the automated nature of this process ensures the safety of workers.
  • Adapt to the demands of your application: With our high volume industrial manufacturing, we can meet the specific needs of your application, cutting even complex shapes into tubular or flat stock. Hunt and Hunt strives to enhance productivity for your process.

Our Facilities

Material Yard

Mill/Turn Machine Shop


Perforating Gun Shop

Experts in Manufacturing
for the Oil & Gas Industry

Our expertise in this area of manufacturing has served the oil and gas industry admirably. Our high speed automated CNC production capabilities has allowed us to become one of the world leaders in perforating gun manufacturing.

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