Industrial Automation

As an industrial automation company, we invest in top automated manufacturing equipment designed to help your team move faster without forcing you to compromise on quality. The high level of process control provided by CNC and industrial automation extends to every step in our machining process.

Our Automated Manufacturing Equipment 

  • 60 pieces of CNC equipment from cellular manufacturing
  • 22 robotic cells
  • 9 axis mill/turn manufacturing
  • 7 custom-designed and built seven rotary laser machining centers

A Leading Automated Robotics Manufacturer

The benefits of automated robotic manufacturing range, including:

  • Accuracy: Of course, accuracy is one of the primary goals in high volume robotic manufacturing. We are able to deliver ultimate precision and accuracy up to a miniscule 0.1mm.
  • Safe: Not only does the accuracy and precision improve with high volume industrial manufacturing, but the automated nature of this process ensures the safety of workers.
  • Adapt to the demands of your application: With our high volume industrial manufacturing, we can meet the specific needs of your application, cutting even complex shapes into tubular or flat stock. Hunt and Hunt strives to enhance productivity for your process.

Mike Bowman President

“We’re the one-stop, precision machine shop for your manufacturing needs. If you can design it, we can produce it using one of our ‘Done in One’ multitask turn machines.”


Is Hunt & Hunt a lights-out manufacturing company?

Lights-out manufacturing, or lights-out automation as it’s sometimes called, is when a manufacturing operation work requires no human intervention. While we are not a fully-automated machine shop, much of our machining work is automated.

How does automated manufacturing equipment help my team?

Our high-speed automated CNC machines allow us to do more high-speed machining work at a high output — more than 50,000 parts each month. Complementing these CNC machining, multi-axis equipment allows us to machine even complex parts all in one process. It streamlines the process, making it quicker and requiring less manpower.

What are the main benefits of industrial automation?

  • Fewer machining operations required, improving productivity
  • Makes high speed and precision possible for complex parts
  • Faster, more accurate cuts with CNC flat and tubular lasers
  • More agile and adaptable, allowing us to work with thin stock
  • More range of motion for better angles and accuracy
  • Close tolerances

Our Facilities

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Hunt and Hunt — A tradition of excellence

When it comes to high volume contract manufacturing, there is no substitute for reputation. Machine shops that fail to evolve and stay on the cutting edge of the industry don’t stick around.

Hunt and Hunt has been open for business since 1954 offering precision service with a high volume machining system. Our motto is “cutting into the future,” because we are constantly in pursuit of enhancing our extreme machining capabilities. We have invested in a robust infrastructure that includes both equipment and staff, which benefits the many clients that we work with.

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