Lights Out Automated Manufacturing

Welcome to Hunt and Hunt, where we are on the cutting edge of lights out automated manufacturing. With our highly sophisticated machining centers, we are able to deliver quality, accuracy and precision for the long list of clients we work with.

Our lights out manufacturing has made a major impact for many companies within the oil and gas industries. We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of perforating guns and perforating gun components.

Hunt & Hunt’s Investment in Automated Production 

Hunt and Hunt has invested a lot into creating a robust infrastructure that clients are able to leverage for lights-out automated production. This includes:

  • Cutting-edge machining centers: Our motto is “Cutting into the future,” which means we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our extreme machining capabilities. This includes utilizing several multi-axis mill-turn centers and other lights-out production systems.
  • Knowledgeable engineering team: Not only does our workforce consist of employees that are extensively trained on all of our machines, but our engineering staff boasts highly technical knowledge that can be applied to enhance the effectiveness of your application.
  • Rich history of excellence: Hunt and Hunt is a top name in lights-out automated manufacturing because we know the importance of never resting on old, outdated methods of machining. “Work smarter, not harder,” is a term thrown around a lot, and it’s one we have taken to heart since we opened for business in 1954.

Our Facilities

Material Yard

Mill/Turn Machine Shop


Perforating Gun Shop

Contract CNC Machining

Laser Machining

Perforating Guns and Tools

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