LWD Logging While Drilling Tools

Hunt and Hunt is a premier manufacturer of Logging While Drilling tools and other important resources for the oil and gas industry. With a production facility that features over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Hunt and Hunt utilizes a variety of custom-built, multi-axis machining centers to offer quality and precision.

An LWD system for wells demands this level of precision and accuracy in order to be effective within its application. Clients have come to trust Hunt and Hunt with Logging While Drilling systems manufacturing because we have a strong track record of working with members of the oil and gas industry.

LWD System Manufacturing with Quality and Precision

This specialization is shown in a few areas:

  • Hunt and Hunt is located in the heart of the oil and gas industry. Here at our Houston production facility, we manufacture LWD tools for wells, MWD tools, perforating guns, and perforating gun components.
  • In fact, in addition to the Logging While Drilling tools that we manufacture, Hunt and Hunt stands as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of perforating guns and perforating gun components.

With Hunt and Hunt, you can count on an LWD system for wells that are built with quality and precision. Our skilled engineering team utilizes the highly advanced machining centers that we custom designed and built.

Our Facilities

Material Yard

Mill/Turn Machine Shop


Perforating Gun Shop

Contract CNC Machining

Laser Machining

Perforating Guns and Tools

A Tradition of Excellence

Hunt and Hunt has been in business since 1954. Our motto is “cutting into the future,” meaning that we not only offer the most cutting-edge machining capabilities but we also strive to stay at the forefront of the industry.

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