MWD Measurement While Drilling Tools

Welcome to Hunt and Hunt, where our team specializes in machining products for clients belonging to the oil and gas industry, including Measurement While Drilling tools. These are invaluable pieces of equipment that provide real time measurements and data for drilling operations.

MWD Systems for a Variety of Companies

A variety of companies rely on Hunt and Hunt and our expertise to manufacture a MWD system for wells. These Measurement While Drilling systems are a product of our:

  • Innovative machining equipment: Hunt and Hunt has over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space, filled with custom designed and built multi-axis machines that allow us to automate the process and provide quality, accuracy, and precision.
  • Skilled engineering team: Our highly experienced engineering team has designed the processes in which we manufacture MWD tools for wells. This ensures that the challenges of the process are met and that the quality and contractual standards are met in the finished product.

Our MWD Facilities

Material Yard

Mill/Turn Machine Shop


Perforating Gun Shop

MWD Tools and Other
Solutions with Hunt & Hunt

In addition to machining these Measurement While Drilling tools, Hunt and Hunt also serves as a single source for other important phases of the production process. These include sourcing and purchasing raw materials for each MWD system for wells and machining them as needed.

Hunt and Hunt also offers warehousing, distribution and logistics solutions. This means that these products are created in our Houston-based production facility and can be brought to the end user directly. Hunt and Hunt effectively services the oil and gas industry because we are located in the heart of it — providing a clear benefit for our clients.

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Hunt and Hunt takes pride in machining high quality Measurement While Drilling tools that meet the needs of the application and the clients we work with. Tap into Hunt and Hunt’s manufacturing expertise by consulting with our engineering staff. Contact us today.