marine commerce on our doorstep

Manufacturing Services

Hunt and Hunt operate near the nation’s largest port by volume, the Port of Houston. With marine commerce on our doorstep and 67 years experience in large part precision manufacturing, we’re ready to deliver the parts you need.

Propeller shafts

Ships and barges require tremendous power to haul goods from point A to point B. Because Hunt and Hunt can produce any part up to 30 feet with a 10-inch diameter or 10 feet with a 40-inch diameter, we’re prepared to fabricate marine propeller shafts that are up to the task.

Oil and Gas


The ability to control torque output to speed up or slow down is paramount to any marine vessel, and we can design custom gearboxes to fit your specific needs, including for single and multi-engines, diesel engines, hybrid drives, and contrarotating propellers.

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