Twin Spindle Turret Manufacturing

Gain the advantage of the twin spindle volume manufacturing capabilities of Hunt and Hunt. Since the 1950s, we have been offering precision machining services with an emphasis on precision and accuracy.

We offer twin spindle machining to keep up with the high volume needs of our clients. We are equipped and knowledgeable enough to offer low-volume prototyping and high volume mass production, even for difficult projects that come with especially close tolerances.

What we offer our clients through turret volume machining

A big part of our longevity — Hunt and Hunt has been in operation since 1954 — is the fact that we work closely with our clients and deliver on their expectations. This level of client service comes in many forms, including:

  • Turret machining metal fabrication that is cost efficient.
  • Being transparent with our lead time.
  • Offering engineering support from our highly knowledgeable staff.
  • Superior products.
  • Full range of services (including material purchasing, warehousing and distribution).

Our Facilities

Material Yard

Mill/Turn Machine Shop


Perforating Gun Shop

Contract CNC Machining

Laser Machining

Perforating Guns and Tools

Hunt & Hunt’s Twin
Spindle Manufacturing

As leaders in twin spindle volume manufacturing, we work with clients belonging to a wide range of industries. Hunt and Hunt is best known for its contributions to the oil and gas industry, where we are worldwide leaders in manufacturing perforating guns and perforating gun components. However, we have continued to innovate and add on capabilities and capacities in order to serve members of different industries as well.

With our twin spindle machining, clients are able to benefit with higher quality products, improved productivity and shorter lead times.

Learn about our high volume metal fabrication capabilities

See why Hunt and Hunt is not considered an average machine shop. Get to know our technical team and find out how our twin spindle volume manufacturing solutions can benefit you and your operation. Contact us today.